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About Australian Railcraft

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Railcraft Products are intended for use with 5 inch Gauge (inch and 1/8 Scale) Rolling Stock.


Railcraft is a small home based, part time hobby business that started in 2005.  We are located in the Newcastle area, only a few kms from Lake Macquarie Live Steam Locomotive Society, at Edgeworth, NSW, Australia. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of scale model railway polyurethane castings.   At present, Railcraft produce assorted 5 inch gauge (inch 1/8) detail parts that are intended for use with freight rolling stock and live steam locomotives. Our products include a range of Dummy Springs, Axle Boxes, Steel W Irons, Dummy brake shoes, couplers, wheels including a split spoke, vents and castings of wooden doors and planks. Railcraft products have not been designed for passenger haulage.  Our urethane products are hand made and as such, there may be delays in being able to cast some products.  The weather has a huge impact on being able to cast and most casting is done in the cooler months as much as possible, as heat and humidity accelerates the curing process and can make it impossible to cast as the urethane sets being being fully poured into the individual moulds. 

We now also have a small range of Queensland Detail Parts ( inch and 1/2 ) scale.  We also have a small range of Garden Railway and Railcraft HO Detail Parts. 


All Railcraft products are able to be painted with minimal preparation.  All that is needed in the way of preparation is the detail part to be washed in a mild solution of dishwashing liquid.  Rinse with fresh water and Dry.  You can then use your paint of choice. 


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Special Requests

Railcraft are more than happy to discuss creating a polyurethane casting using your own master. This service is not limited only to  5 inch train locomotive parts but to any item that you might want cast for other hobbies.  Please contact us, so that we can discuss your individual needs.

Railcraft Recently Completed Items


Railcraft Brass Roundhead Rivets - Assorted Sizes

Railcaft Rivet Snaps

Railcraft Assorted Sizes Taper Taps 

Railcraft Assorted BA Setscrews, Washers and Nuts

Railcraft Queensland Headlight

Railcraft RU Wheat Hopper - Upper Body Detail Kit - No Chassis 

Railcraft 2mm Laser Cut Handbrake Wheels 

Railcraft Quensland 3mm Laser Cut W Irons

Railcraft Queensland Axle Boxes

Railcraft Queensland Springs

Railcraft Queensland Buffer Body for freight wagons

Railcraft Brake Cylinder for Bogies

Railcraft 42 Class Fibreglass Nose Cone 7 1/4

Railcraft HO 41 Class Diesel Locomotive - All 3 Versions

Railcraft HO Detail Parts - 2 BE Bogies, 3 AG Bogies, 42 Class Pilots, 44 Class Pilots, 81 Class Pilots, Fletner Vents,

Railcraft Future Projects

Currently planning more 4 Wheel Rolling Stock

More Queensland Detail Parts

Cast Iron Queensland Wheels

More Railcraft HO Detail Parts

Burwood The First Locomotive Built in Newcastle

Burwood was the first Locomotive built in Newcastle NSW, as well as the first locomotive built outside a metropolitan area.  It was built by J.S. Rodgers Engineering for E.C. Merewether Esquire.  It was built for the price of 1350 pounds.  The order was received 9 July 1877 and the work was completed June 1878.

The tank-engine was built for the purpose of removing immense deposits of sand that had drifted from the seashore onto Mr. Merewether's estate at Redhead.

The boiler was constructed of "Lowmoor Plates", as also were the axles and all working parts that were case-hardened.  The firebox of the boiler was made of copper and the tubes of solid drawn brass.  There were two injectors, colonial made, each of which was capable of supplying the boiler with water.  All steam and feed pipes were of copper and brass.

The diameter of the cylinders are given as 12in.,length of stroke 8in., diameter of wheels 3ft.6in., capacity of tank 700 gallons.

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